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Despite not needing to work, she has taken on extra shifts during the pandemic. For many people, giving back to the community is an honour. This is especially true of the country’s amazing lottery winners who have already given so much back. The pandemic is by no means over. Whether it lasts another month or another year, we’re sure there are many more stories to come from lottery winners giving back.

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Social media was praised by many commentators on Twitter as this lucky man, hailed as "a kind of class behavior," and full of praise for this.

The premise of Weather Lottery is simple though it may seem confusing at first – simply choose seven numbers based on the celsius temperature, but list only the fraction of a degree. So, if you think the temperature in Sydney will be 29.8C, you will choose the number 8 for that city. Then move on to the next one. Your ticket string could easily read 6, 6, 7, 4, 9, 6, 6. That is an unusual format, but organisers say players will get used to it as it is similar to the postcode lotteries in other countries (which don’t work down under because their postcode strings are so short and not particularly specific).

Of course, EABBCDEABCDEEAABCDE assigns 9 or 10 letters to each letter, which still allows you to play with many, many combinations. If I can find the correct three digits for the front and back ends, I can capture 3 digits (probably BB).