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One pensioner wapowerball and mega millions jackpotss said to be so disgusted at receiving just £ 15 for five numbers that he called the Police to tell them he had been “robbed”. It was later revealed that matching 4 numbers netted winners £51; matching three numbers has a fixed price winning of £25. How did this strange situation come about? Typically, you would expect more people to match three numbers than to match 5 but occasionally, the reverse happens. On 23rd March, more players matched 5 numbers than matched 4 numbers – an unusual 4,082. Numbers that were multiples of 7 is believed to be the reason (7, 14, 21, 35 and 42). Matching 5 plus the bonus netted players over £10,000 with the second biggest win matching four numbers.

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The Lohri Bumper Lottery Winning Numbers 2019 have been announced.  The top prize of 2 crore has gone to winning ticket number B-225585, whilst the second prize opowerball and mega millions jackpotsf 1 crore has gone to number B-574861.

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